Polishing Acrylic with Heat Gun. A Good Idea for Quick Result?

The beautiful surface of your acrylic gets disfigured when collisions from various sources inflict marks and scratches on it. And if you consider it a necessity to get your acrylic glitter like the former times, you would be left with no choice but to get those scratches and marks off.

If you have been skeptical as regards the proper means to polish your acrylic, whether to use heat guns or not, quit searching as you are about to get your long-expected answer right here in this post.


An Acrylic product consists of materials derived from acrylic acid or other compounds that are similar to the acid. It is often used in the place of glass because of the similarity in their physical characteristics.

Some people always prefer to refer to acrylic as a pure plastic with features like that of glass and other desirable features like its ability to retain light and the simplicity required in its fabrication.

Acrylic Polishing

The rough look that acrylic gives is the reason why acrylic polishing is a necessity.

If you have been on the lookout as regards how you can improve your acrylic fabrication to a more attractive, shiny, and clean look, you should consider Acrylic Polishing.

How to Get a Clean Acrylic Cut Before Polishing

Having a neat acrylic cut before you opt for polishing your acrylic is a good step. A clean cut will ease you from unnecessary stress while polishing. Below are some highlighted steps to help you ensure that you get a clear acrylic cut;

  • The first step is so easy and it requires no stress. After cutting the acrylic, do not immediately clean off the protective film but see to it that you leave it on the surfaces of the acrylic sheet. Allowing your protective film to remain on your acrylic sheet will serve as a means of protection for your acrylic from scratches and marks that may disfigure it.
  • The second thing to note is that; take it upon yourself to cut the edges of your acrylic with a high level of carefulness. Being patient while cutting to ensure smoothness will do you a whole lot of good as the aspects that will need to be polished will be minimal.
  • To get a smooth cut to an extent, check the teeth of your saw and make sure that they are neat and tightly fixed. While you ensure that is done, also check for the blades of the saws.

With the highlighted steps duly followed, we are certain that you’ll do a fine job in preparing your acrylic for polishing.

Applications of Acrylic Polishing

The need for Acrylic polishing is diversified as it is not limited to an area or industry.

This means that if you properly follow the concept and steps to proper acrylic polishing given in this article, you’ll not just be able to function in one area as you can choose to apply your knowledge in other areas.

Some of the areas of application of Acrylic polishing are:

1) Motor vehicle industry

Acrylic materials are used in making a lot of automobile parts because of their toughness and unyielding hardness towards harsh weather conditions while adequately transmitting light in the right proportion as stated earlier.

2) Aviation industry

Have you ever thought of the reason why when you look through the window of an airplane, the outer view tends to be just as clear as it should be without a glass?

The reason that is ascribed to the scenario is the fact that the windows of the plane are polished using acrylic polishing.

Acrylic polishing is not limited to airplanes alone as other aero-machines get polished too to remain in their best surface quality.

3) Building and Construction

Acrylic materials are getting preferred by the majority of construction and building engineers because of their beautifying features.

Having a combination of acrylic materials in a home or commercially will stir up the need for consistent cleaning which is where acrylic polishing comes in for the maintenance of the glossy and beautiful look of the interior of the home or commercial environment.

4) Skylights

Skylights that give light to buildings during the daytime are products of acrylic. If you wish to have a skylight in your home or office, the best place to attach it is on the rooftop.

To keep it in use and maintain its beautification purpose, you will have to adopt the polishing of the surface.

5) Optical industry

The majority of optical devices are made from acrylic materials. From your glasses, and helmets, to your goggles, polishing the acrylic surfaces is a priority.

The polishing of acrylic materials is needed in vast aspects as the above-mentioned areas are a few of the areas where the polishing is necessary.

Heat Guns

If care is not taken, there is the probability that you’ll mistake it for a hair dryer because of their physical similarities and the principles with which they both work.

One major difference between the two is that the heat gun operates at a higher temperature which can be adjusted based on your needs. This feature is what enables it to be useful for jobs in the home.

Heat guns or hot air guns use fans that extract air from the surroundings into them. The air which enters a heat gun passes through the tool and moves towards the electric heating element and then gets expelled via a nozzle.

You do not have to worry about having pains in your hands after using a heat gun for a while because it is very light and handy.

The only thing you have to watch out for is the flame that oozes out from it as it is hot enough to inflict burns or injuries on your skin as well as cause the ignition and flammable objects when it is lifted close to any. Placing it close to an object like glass may cause the breaking or cracking of the glass.

Is Polishing with Heat Gun a Good Idea for Quick Result?

Of course, polishing your acrylic with a heat gun is a great idea and you can be assured of an excellent polish result with almost no stress at all.

Heat Gun Usage Tips

  • Do not get just any heat gun type. You shouldn’t bother buying cheap heat guns because they are majorly always not so effective. Although expensive, quality heat guns are the best types that you should consider in case you want to buy a heat gun.
  • See to it that you follow by the book all of the guidelines in the instruction manual provided by the heat gun manufacturers.
  • Safety should be considered a priority to you. To protect your eyes from the heat of the flame, use protective goggles. Put on hand gloves that can absorb heat to protect your skin from injuries caused by burns. To protect yourself from inhaling the dangerous gases that will be emitted from the heat gun while you are in the process of polishing, use a respirator mask.
  • Check for the wire connection of the heat gun to see if it’s too short or long enough to get to the point where you’ll be polishing. If it is way too short, attach an extension box to the main source of power to boost your effectiveness and efficiency.
  • You are dealing with fire and electric connections. Ensure that your fire extinguisher is positioned within your reach in case of any emergencies.
  • Non-fitted dresses can easily get caught up in the flames thereby, causing a disaster. If your cloth is loose, wear an overall over it else, do not try polishing with the heat gun at all. Also, pack your hair properly if you have a long hair type.
  • Since you will be dealing with heat, the area where you’ll be polishing must be well aired to help you avoid getting choked or fainting during operations.
  • Keep your children and pets away from the area of operation to avoid any accidents or health conditions as a result of carelessness. Pregnant women in your environment should be watched by you so that they may not unconsciously inhale the dangerous gases from the heat gun.
  • Ideally, a surface that needs to be beautified or renovated must be kept clean. So, keep the surfaces to be polished and clean from every form of dirt to prevent the sticking of the specks of dirt with the flames thereby, see to the avoidance of fire outbreaks.
  • You may likely destroy your acrylic if you do not regulate the temperature of the heat gun. Make it a duty to check the guide or instructional manual given to you to see the correct setting of the heat ranges for each material you’ll be working on.
  • Check that the air inlet grills are properly opened without any form of blockage of any of the holes before and during the polishing periods.
  • You may quickly want to tidy up once you’re done but if you want to see to the full safety of your body, allow the heat gun to cool off before you keep it aside for the next polishing day.


From this article, you can obviously conclude that it is safe to polish your acrylic with your heat gun.

Acrylic polishing has vast application areas so you can consider knowing how to go about it a plus for you.

Only ensure that you take note of the tips and the necessary guides that have been provided for you.

Keep applying each of the tips and how-tos that have been dished out in this post and watch your acrylics glitter like never before.