Paint Pros Diamond Clear: Review and Our Opinion

Driving a new car offers a sense of elegance and confidence, whether you’re arriving at an event or any destination. However, the challenge lies in maintaining that fresh, new look. Beyond good driving habits, regular car detailing is a key part of this upkeep.

For significant exterior and interior damages, seeking professional car detailing services is advisable. Yet, for minor blemishes such as small scratches, the right products can be effective.

One recommended product is Paint Pros Diamond Clear. Touted for its ability to restore your car’s surface to a glossy finish, it’s specifically designed to address clear coat damages and surface scratches. Not limited to the car’s body, it can also be applied to headlights and plastic surfaces for enhanced clarity and shine.

Product Description

Despite the expertise of professional car detailers, their services can be costly, with prices varying based on the extent of damage and the car model. A cost-effective alternative for minor repairs, such as light scratches and color fading, is the DIY application of Paint Pros Diamond Clear. Its user-friendly application process involves simply using a soft cloth to buff out scratches and rejuvenate the car’s glossy sheen. Many car owners commend Diamond Clear for addressing surface damages that standard detailing might not rectify, noting its effectiveness across various car models.

For more intense DIY car improvement tasks like buffing all surfaces, you might consider pairing Diamond Clear with Paint Pros Easy Level, although a single coat is typically thin enough to be buffed out with just a soft cloth.

Pricing for Diamond Clear varies: an 8oz bottle is available for $100, and a 16oz bottle for $175. A combination pack including Diamond Clear and Easy Level is priced at $130. For those wanting to test the product, Paint Pros offers a 2oz trial bottle at $40, which is ideal for evaluating its effectiveness on your car and determining whether it’s worth investing in a larger bottle. This smaller bottle may suffice for minor scratch repair, allowing you to see firsthand if the product meets your expectations and is worth the price.

Paint Pros Diamond Clear Review

Paint Pros Diamond Clear has garnered attention among car owners and dealerships for its effectiveness in car detailing. This popularity is not just due to the manufacturer’s claims, but also the positive experiences shared by many users. Car detailing services often use Diamond Clear to achieve superior results, directly contributing to their customer satisfaction and business success.

This product is especially recommended for car detailers and repairers, as it consistently leaves a glossy, streak-free finish on the exterior. The impact of Diamond Clear on faded car colors is particularly noteworthy. A single application can restore a deep, vibrant color, making the car appear almost new. This is a significant advantage for those looking to sell their vehicles, as the enhanced appearance can make the car more attractive to potential buyers.

For a car that shows signs of wear and fading, the usual thought might be to repaint it, a process that involves extensive sanding, buffing, and the need for professional assistance. In contrast, Paint Pros Diamond Clear offers a quicker, more convenient solution. It’s particularly effective for areas like the sunroof, which can fade faster than the rest of the car. Application and buffing of this product can be completed in less than an hour, providing a quick fix to prolong the life of the underlying coat.

While most customers express satisfaction with the results of Diamond Clear, there are some who have had less favorable experiences. To aid in your decision-making, it’s important to consider a balanced view of the product. Let’s explore the pros and cons based on objective buyer reviews to provide a clearer picture of what to expect from Paint Pros Diamond Clear.


  • Ease of Application: Diamond Clear is user-friendly, allowing for easy application with just a cloth. A single layer is sufficient to rejuvenate the car’s surface, offering a new, elegant look in minutes.
  • Smooth and Glossy Finish: The product ensures a shiny, elegant appearance, enhancing the car’s exterior.
  • Color Restoration: It effectively brings back the deep, original color of your vehicle, reminiscent of its appearance when first purchased.
  • Versatility: Suitable for multiple uses, one bottle can serve several cars, depending on the extent of damage. It’s also effective on plastic surfaces and headlights.
  • DIY-Friendly: Ideal for those who prefer home-based car fixes or possess basic detailing skills, Diamond Clear delivers professional-looking results without the hassle of bumps or streaks.


  • Cost: The price is a concern for many users. The 8oz bottle is priced at $100, and $140 with the lever, which can be steep for those needing to treat large trucks or multiple vehicles.
  • Limited Effectiveness on Certain Colors: While suitable for most colors, Diamond Clear may not be ideal for white cars, as it can accentuate imperfections. Some users have also reported less satisfactory results on black vehicles.
  • Less Effective on Older Cars: The product excels with newer car models, but its effectiveness diminishes on older, rustier cars with aging paint. While it can make a noticeable difference, it may not restore an old car to a ‘like-new’ condition.

For those dealing with older vehicles or significant wear, consulting professional car detailers is recommended. These experts can address larger scratches, dents, and severe color fading more effectively. Diamond Clear can then be used as a maintenance polish post-professional detailing.

How to Apply Paint Pros Diamond Clear

Reviving your car’s paintwork with Paint Pros Diamond Clear is straightforward and efficient. Begin with the Diamond Clear product and a soft cloth. Paint Pros offers a special pouch, but a soft cloth from any car dealership will suffice.

First, make sure the car’s surface is clean and dry. For optimal results, especially on scratches, some car dealers recommend applying alcohol, although this step can be skipped for minor marks or simply to enhance shine on a smooth surface.

A pro tip is to use a reducer to lessen the visibility of scratches, aiming for a durable finish. Pre-treat any scratches and dents before applying the clear coat. To assess the depth of scratches, you can dab a little water or reducer on a separate cloth and wipe the scratch. If the scratch disappears temporarily, Diamond Clear should be effective.

Apply a small amount of Diamond Clear evenly across the surface, including unscratched areas, to ensure a uniform coat. For minor scratches, a single coat may be adequate. However, for a more long-lasting effect, the manufacturer recommends at least two coats. The durability of the coat varies by surface: 1-2 years on metallic surfaces, 3-5 years on plastics, and 2-3 years on headlights.

After applying the first coat, allow up to 20 minutes for it to settle before smoothing it out. Deep scratches might need two or more coats for complete coverage, with each coat given the same time to set. Inspect the car from various angles to ensure all scratches are well-covered.

The final coat takes 4-6 hours to dry. If you notice any imperfections after drying, which can happen even to professionals, use a medium reducer or a mistake corrector from Paint Pros to rectify them. Patience and meticulousness in this process can significantly influence the final outcome. Especially when coating the entire car, taking the time to correct any mistakes can make a notable difference in achieving desirable results.

Our Opinion of Paint Pros Diamond Clear

Paint Pros Diamond Clear emerges as a valuable investment for car care enthusiasts. Its trial bottle option is particularly commendable, allowing users to test the product’s efficacy before committing to a larger, more expensive purchase. Additionally, the simple technique of using water or a reducer to gauge the depth of scratches is a practical way to ascertain the suitability of the polish for your specific needs.

We endorse Diamond Clear primarily for addressing minor scratches, enhancing plastic components, and sealing headlights, especially on newer vehicles. Older cars or those with more severe paint wear may require more comprehensive treatments than what a finishing product alone can offer. In such cases, consulting a professional detailer for deeper scratches and dents is advisable.

However, caution is suggested for owners of white or black cars. Based on online feedback, some users have experienced less than satisfactory results on these particular car colors. But for other colors, the polish typically delivers pleasing outcomes.


Paint Pros Diamond Clear stands as a popular choice among car owners and detailers for revitalizing the appearance of their vehicles. It effectively restores shine and color depth, contributing to an overall new and elegant look. The application is straightforward, achievable with just a soft cloth or the special pouch provided.

For enhanced durability, car detailers often suggest applying at least two coats and using a reducer in conjunction with the polish to assess and treat scratches more effectively. Our recommendation for Diamond Clear leans towards newer car models, barring white and black vehicles, where alternative solutions may be more appropriate.