LineX Undercoating: Cost, Effectiveness, and Durability

When choosing the right undercoating product to apply to your truck’s underbody, there are a number of factors you should consider. But, some of the main important aspects to consider include the undercoating’s cost, effectiveness, and durability.

Therefore, in this post, we going to highlight everything you need to know about LineX undercoating, one of the best undercoating products.

What is LineX Undercoating?

LineX undercoating is asphalt-based that helps insulate and protect your truck from heat and cold conditions as well as prevent it from damage from corrosion. Ít’s a high-performance protective spray-on product popularly used to provide durable coatings for trucks’ undersides. The product’s undercoating process entails spraying the product onto the underside of an automobile, into areas that are hard to reach but prone to damage due to corrosion.

Cost of LineX Undercoating

When you are considering buying and applying a protective coating on your vehicle, one of the top aspects you likely consider is the product’s cost. You should find out about the cost of the undercoating you are about to use. Notably, you don’t want to buy an affordable product whose quality is compromised.

So, since LineX undercoating is one of the top undercoating products, what is its cost? Mainly, the cost of LineX undercoating varies. Mostly, you will notice variations in prices based on locations. But, on average the LineX undercoating costs anywhere between $600 to $700 or even more. Therefore, when budgeting for undercoating a mid-sized vehicle the amount within that range will be sufficient.

Notably, apart from pricing differences depending on locations, there are several other factors that affect and you should consider when budgeting for LineX undercoating. Some of the factors that affect the price of LineX undercoating include:

  • The size of your truck. The amount of LineX undercoating and labor cost you will incur to apply it will depend on the size of your automotive. Usually, a large truck will cost higher compared to smaller vehicles.
  • The complexity of the application work.The labor cost will determine the overall cost of undercoating. Notably, how fast or longer the project will take, will depend on the complexity of the undercarriage. Therefore, if the work is a bit complex due to special customization on the underbody, then it will take longer to complete it. This will translate to higher costs.
  • Pricing by the provider.Different providers price the product differently. For instance, some providers can include the cost of additional services in their pricing making the product cost more compared to the pricing by their counterparts.

Importantly, since the cost of the LineX undercoating varies, it’s important to request a personalized quote from an authorized dealer. The LineX products dealer will be able to give you an accurate cost estimate based on your specific requirements and scope of work.

Although compared to most other undercoating products LineX undercoating costs relatively more, its quality is unmatched hence; worth buying. Therefore, even if you feel the cost of the product from the specific dealer is too high, you shouldn’t forgo buying the product altogether. Instead, you should consider doing more research and comparing quotes from various dealers and choose to buy from the one with the best offer.

Effectiveness of LineX Undercoating

Another consideration you need to make when choosing LineX undercoating over other undercoating products is its effectiveness. So, is LineX undercoating effective? Yes. The LineX undercoating effectiveness makes it a product worth investing in. The product effectively protects your truck from rust and corrosion; hence you don’t have to be undercoating it every short while. Therefore, the product’s effectiveness and benefits outweigh the required high upfront investment.

But, although the undercoating provides guaranteed effectiveness, you have a role to play to ensure its effectiveness. The following are the dos and don’ts to ensure the product’s effectiveness in preventing damage to your truck’s underbody

  • Take your vehicle to a qualified LineX undercoating dealer

For guaranteed effectiveness, you have to ensure it’s applied correctly. Therefore, take your vehicle to a qualified dealer who will ensure the undercoating is applied properly and professionally.

  • Do not undercoat the moving parts or the parts that get hot

You need to be aware of the areas you shouldn’t apply the undercoating and avoid spraying them. Don’t apply the undercoating to the drive shaft, brakes, and exhaust system.

  • Ensure the vehicle underbody is clean and free from dirt, rust, and moisture

Before applying the undercoating, you should remove the rust and dirt to create a clean surface on which the undercoating can bond properly. Mainly, the undercoating works best on new trucks. It bonds well on new vehicle underbodies that have not been exposed to harsh road conditions. Therefore, the new trucks are the most suitable for undercoating than the used ones since the old cars may already be too dirty and have spots of rust. But, you can clean them first, and ensure they are as clean and ready for undercoating as the new ones.

  • Use the recommended rust converter(optional)

In case the underbody has rust, you should ensure to use the recommended rust converter to transform the existing rust and create a suitable and ready surface to receive an undercoating.

  • Ensure your truck cures

After application, do not drive your vehicle immediately. Allow it to cure at least overnight before you can drive it.

  • Wait for at least a week before you wash your vehicle

For the undercoating to fully cure, it will take around a week. Therefore, avoid washing the vehicle’s underbody before one week elapses from the time of application.

  • Apply the undercoating during the warm season

For effectiveness, ensure to apply undercoating to your equipment or automotive before the onset of winter or after winter. Usually, the best times are during summer and spring.

The Durability of LineX Undercoating

Unlike the rubberized outdated undercoats, LineX undercoating is durable, and does not freeze, fail or crack; hence worth considering. The undercoating provides durable undercarriage protection. You only need to invest in the LineX undercoating once for a guaranteed lifetime solution against rust and damage.

Usually, automobiles are not cheap and as the vehicle owner, you would love to use your vehicle for many years without issues. Notably, the undercarriage of the vehicles faces harsh conditions on the road such as exposure to dirt, debris, and moisture. If not well protected, this can lead to bigger problems that are expensive to fix. Also, the undercarriage areas are not visible; hence you can easily ignore them. However, protecting the underside areas of your truck is crucial. You shouldn’t ignore undercoating them to ensure your vehicle remains in good shape for the longest time it can.

Notably, despite being durable and providing a long-lasting solution for preventing rusting and undercarriage damage, the LineX undercoating will eventually wear out with time. Therefore, to ensure it provides long-term protection you need to ensure it’s applied by a qualified technician. Lastly, you should contact or take your vehicle to the dealer in case you notice any damage or rust after application for repair.

Why Choose Linex Undercoating? Additional Benefits of Using Linex Undercoating

Mainly, you can’t go wrong with the LineX undercoating. LineX undercoating provides a lasting solution to rust problems. It’s effective; hence you don’t have to incur additional costs in repairs and regular undercoating. Some of the additional benefits of the undercoating include:

  • Cures within seconds after application. The product reacts instantly and hardens within seconds after application. It dries within 3 to 5 seconds after application.
  • Seals out harmful elements.Rust occurs due to reactions between the truck’s underbody and corrosive elements such as moisture and salts. Therefore, the undercoating seals and prevents these harmful elements from getting into contact with the vehicle’s underside.
  • Improves the appearance of the undercarriage. Usually, due to constant exposure to harsh road conditions, the undercarriage area tends to get worn out and look old. But, applying high-quality undercoating, makes the vehicle’s undersides look new and well-maintained.
  • The LineX undercoating is versatile. It can be applied to offer protection across various types of vehicles such as utility vans and trucks among others.
  • Lifetime warranty. LineX offers a lifetime warranty for their undercoating on new vehicles. Therefore, if there is any issue with the undercoating and you need a free repair, you can take your truck to any of their over 550 locations.
  • LineX undercoating does not require inspection. The product does not require mandatory annual inspections. However, in case you notice any defect that needs to be fixed, you can contact the product dealer.


Although a bit costly, LineX undercoating is still the best undercoating product to apply and protect your vehicle’s undercarriage. The product is quite effective in preventing corrosion as well as protecting your vehicle from damage by debris and rust. Also, the product is durable and it’s the best choice of product for preserving your truck’s longevity and attractive appearance.

Lastly, by applying it to protect your vehicle from damage, LineX undercoating saves you from incurring the regular expenses of repairing your automotive or equipment regularly. Therefore, you can protect your vehicle from rust, extend its longevity and attractive appearance by using LineX undercoating and enjoy the product’s protection effectiveness for years.