Leggari vs Stone Coat: Comparing Features and Durability

Choosing between two competitive brands is easy with accurate information from other users. Leggari and Stone Coat Countertops are competitive suppliers of epoxy and other products. In this review, we will compare the features and durability of their countertops and flooring epoxy.

The review compares the companies’ descriptions of their products with the experience of users. We will also discuss the pros and cons of their epoxy brands to simplify your purchasing decision.

Leggari Products Review

Leggari supplies a wide of range of products, including metallic and hardwood overlay floor kits, countertop kits, and concrete wall kits. You can also purchase concrete and asphalt repair kits and accessories from the business website.

Most Leggari products are in kits, meaning that you will get everything you need for a project in one order. However, the company also lists single items for quick repairs. Let us now look at the features and reviews of Leggari products.


Leggari is not as popular as Stone Coat. Hence, online customer reviews are fewer. The available reviews outline the following advantages.

  1. High-end products at fair prices

Leggari stocks high-end countertops and flooring epoxies are reasonable prices. The displayed results on the online store imply that you can use the epoxies to give your space a luxurious look.

The company has specific epoxies for different spaces, including kitchen floors, countertops, garages, and outdoor spaces. Previous buyers consider the pricing fair, given the expected aesthetics when you install the epoxies correctly.

Some buyers have also claimed that Leggari epoxies are thicker than other epoxy brands in the market.

  1. Easy to use

The company describes its products as easy to use, even for DIY projects. Many of the buyers that have reviewed Leggari products used them for DIY projects. In addition, professional interior designers have provided information online on the best way to use Leggari epoxies.

The company’s website does not provide information on how to mix its products. You can use online videos to mix and apply epoxy kits.

  1. Safety

Leggari epoxies are eco-friendly and contain no VOCs. Hence, you may use the products in any room in your home, including the kitchen countertops. You can safely prepare food on countertops cured with Leggari epoxy.

  1. Durability

Leggari products have metallic components that boost their durability. The epoxies are designed to last for decades after application without scratches. The metallic components in some of the kits give your countertops and floor a shiny and elegant look.

It is important to note here that the longevity of any epoxy depends on its installation and use. You must follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to apply each kit and the best use of the surface after installation. For instance, you need to allow the new coat to cure before using it.


Previous buyers have complained about Leggari products for the following reasons:

  1. Lack of instructions

As mentioned earlier, Leggari lacks technical information on its website and packaging. Hence, users rely on online videos from other buyers to use the epoxy kits. In addition, the company does not provide technical information to help you estimate the viscosity and thickness of its epoxies.

A claim in descriptions is not enough. You need the components of each epoxy and their amounts, especially when mixing two or more products.

  1. No physical address

Leggari’s contact details on its website lack a physical address, implying that it is an online store. The lack of a physical location also implies that the company does not manufacture its own products but relies on other manufacturers to supply them.

The business model may also explain why Leggari lacks technical information on its products.

  1. Less popular brand

Leggari is less popular in the market compared to Stone Coat and other brands. Hence, the reviews on its product range are fewer. You have limited information to work with when using any of its flooring and countertops kits.

Stone Coat Countertops Review

Stone Coat is among the most popular epoxy suppliers. The company has a wide range of products and kits, including countertop epoxy and kits, flooring epoxy, colorants, and shower epoxy. Stone Coat also supplies artwork and woodworking epoxy.

Stone Coat advertises its products as affordable and easy to use, especially for DIY projects. Let us review the company’s products based on feedback and reviews from users.


If you are considering Stone Coat Countertops epoxies instead of Leggari epoxies, here are some benefits to encourage your decision:

  1. Safe and eco-friendly

Stone Coat products are eco-friendly and safe enough to use on all surfaces. They have low odor and contain no VOCs. Hence, if you are sensitive to strong smells, you are less likely to develop allergies when applying epoxies.

  1. UV-resistant

The property is important for kitchen projects. You can place hot dishes and pans on the countertop without fear of damaging the countertops. However, you must wait for the epoxy to dry before placing any object on the countertop.

  1. Variety of products

Stone Coat stocks a wide variety of products for different surfaces. The company has specific kits for floors, walls, and countertops. In addition, the products come in different volumes. You can order the specific amount you need depending on the size of your project.

  1. Compatible colors and powders

The company has a range of compatible powders and dyes to go with its range of epoxies. You will find a color combination that matches your interiors. The wide range of dyes also allows you to experiment with different colors on different surfaces to spice up your space.

  1. Quality and long-lasting epoxy

Stone Coat claims that its products last for years. The company does not give a guarantee on the number of years. However, the results are long-lasting if you apply the epoxy correctly.


Consider the following shortcomings before ordering Stone Coat epoxy kits for your next project:

  1. Long curing process

Stone Coat epoxy takes at least 30 days to completely cure and gain its full heat resistance. The company states that the surfaces are ready for light use after3 days. However, you risk damaging the countertop or floor if you do not wait for it to cure.

The long curing process implies that you must set aside enough time for each project. For instance, you need to find an alternative place to prepare your food as your countertops dry. You may also need to shut rooms completely for a month for the floor to cure.

It is advisable to repair one room at a time to ensure that each surface has enough time to dry. Alternatively, you can install the epoxy a month before moving into a new house. In this case, cover all the necessary surfaces such that all the rooms will be ready at the same time.

  1. Lack of instructions

Stone Coat is popular. Hence, you will find tons of information about its products. However, the company does not provide clear instructions on how to mix and install its products. It has many advertisements claiming that the products are easy to use, lacks lack instructions.

Previous buyers have expressed the frustration of following multiple videos without achieving the advertised results.

  1. Cost

Stone Coat epoxies are advertised as cheaper alternatives. However, the cost will depend on your location, supplier, and size of your project. A kit may be cheaper for small repairs but expensive when flooring the whole house.

  1. Epoxy does not work as advertised

The company advertises its epoxy as the easiest to apply. However, feedback from users suggests otherwise. The epoxy is not self-leveling as claimed. Instead, it hardens fast and forms clumps.

You will not like the results if you are inexperienced and slow in using epoxy. The mixture will dry up before you can spread it.

  1. Heating and air bubbles

Another challenge is that the Stone Coat heats up fast when left in a bucket. You cannot touch the bucket safely if you let it sit for some time. In addition, the epoxies form bubbles when applied. You need a heat gun or torch to remove the bubbles before it cures.

  1. Coloring is a challenge 

Buyers have also complained that coloring a surface after applying Stone Coat epoxy is a challenge. You have an option of mixing different dyes to achieve the desired color with the epoxy or choosing a different epoxy brand.

Leggari vs. Stone Coat

The two brands sell quality, safe, affordable, and durable epoxy kits for floors and countertops. However, each brand has its pros and cons. Leggari products are high-end, safe, and unique. You can add elegance to your home with the right choice of epoxy and professional application.

However, Leggari does not provide technical information and instructions to use its products. Stone Coat products are more popular than Leggari products. Hence, although the company lacks clear instructions, you can learn from other buyers.

Expect air bubbles, coloring challenges, heating, and clumping when using Stone Coat products. The application process is not as easy as advertised. However, you can achieve excellent results with Stone Coat epoxies.


Leggari and Stone Coat are competitive epoxy brands that supply quality, durable, and safe products. Leggari products are less popular and lack information on the best application. You can access enough information online on Stone Coat products from other buyers. However, you need to consider the shortcomings of the Stone Coat epoxies, including the long curing period, clumping, air bubbles, and heating.