Ekopel 2K Problems, Advantages and Things to Consider

Have you moved to a new house, and everything is freshly painted and looks impressive, safe for one or two places? Well, our guess is that the bathtub looks old and is one of the few spots you are not thrilled about in your new house. You may be left feeling like the previous occupants of the house spent most of their time dipped in the bath. The bathtub may have aged with years of use, and you may be looking for a way to make it new and fresh.

In our article today, we take a look at the Ekopel 2K, which is touted as the most effective bathtub paint today. We will explore what it is and how it works. For better understanding, we shall investigate several things you must consider when you decide to use Ekopel 2K. We shall look at the advantages this product boasts and the known problems one will likely encounter for opting for it.

Understanding Ekopel 2K

Ekopel 2K is a dense material that Ekopel supplies for bathtub surface remodeling. Ekopel 2K affords a homeowner or an apartment renter a cheaper way to transform their bathroom. Applying the product is easy, especially if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. There are many cases of people messing up Ekopel application either because they failed to follow the instructions to the letter or from some other factor.

Ekopel 2K was introduced in 2012, and since then, it has gained a lot of popularity throughout the USA and the world beyond. It is a made-in-USA product, and this makes it a more appealing purchase for Americans. The manufacturer markets the product as fumes-free and without harmful chemicals. It is touted to be long-lasting, odor-free during and after application. But the one thing that makes the product stand out is its ability to give your bathtub a brand-new glossy look and feel.

Ekopel 2K is a product that is designed for use by DIYers and professionals. It is a popular fix for bathtubs, showers, and sinks. The application of the coat is designed to be within a specified timeframe, and one should let it set for between 24 and 48 hours.

What should one consider when using Ekopel 2K?

  1. You should adequately prepare the sink or the bathtub. Remove any grime, stains, and excessive paint on the surface. This process takes time, as bathtub stains can be stubborn. Use a scalpel to peel off stains, silicone, and paint where necessary. Use a power sander to smoothen out the bathtub.
  2. Some people prefer Lysol power cleaner, while others will go for other cleaners such as Comet cleaner. By giving the bathtub a wash with any of these substances, you ensure all grime and dirt on the bathtub gets off.
  3. Besides cleaning the bathtub, clean the whole bathroom and shut off all the vents. This helps prevent any dust particles or pet hairs from contaminating the work site. The cleaning and preparation bit takes many hours, if not days. Of course, you must invest in the preparation part if you want Ekopel 2K to be effective and durable.
  4. No water or liquid should drop on Ekopel 2K. This then means that if the bathtub tap is leaking, you should look for a way to trap the drops that drip into the tub. Having coffee or beer inside the bathroom while working on the bathtub is a bad idea as it can spill.
  5. Because Ekopel 2K solidifies once it cures and is almost impossible to scrape it off, tape the drain to avoid any flowing inside. Use airbags on all plumbing parts to avoid a messy outcome.
  6. Ekopel 2K is sold as a kit; you should read all the instructions before applying it. You should pour both components that come within the kit into a bucket. Mix thoroughly for 10 minutes and ensure the sides and the bottom contents are mixed well. Wait for 5 minutes and remix the contents for two minutes; by this time, Ekopel 2K is ready for application. On its website, Ekopel company has uploaded videos on mixing the two components easily.
  7. The Ekopel 2K compound should be warm to improve its viscosity, making application much easier. To help ensure the compound reaches tricky corners, you should have a putty knife and an artist brush in addition to the roller included in the kit.
  8. After watching the tutorial videos, you may notice that Ekopel 2K can be messy. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, apply 2/3 of the compound first. Pour the extra Ekopel 2K as you progress, but within ten minutes to allow it to merge seamlessly.
  9. Ekopel 2K should be applied within one hour of mixing the kit compounds. The whole application should take you between 2 and 4 hours. The good thing about this product is that you can do all the rolling and touchups within an hour which is a reasonable timeframe. Even though orange peel will appear, Ekopel 2K levels itself soon after when it starts to cure.
  10. Ekopel 2K comprises 24-hour and 48-hour options. This means the 24-hour Ekopel takes 24 hours to fully cure before the bathtub is usable, while the 48-hour pick takes 48 hours. However, It is recommended that you wait 36-48 hours for the product to cure fully. Moreover, the Ekopel application lasts many decades, if not a lifetime; waiting for 48 or even 72 hours shouldn’t be an issue for bathroom décor enthusiasts.

What are the common Ekopel 2K problems?

  1. It can be messy – If you take the time to watch many of the videos demonstrating the application of the Ekopel 2K, you might notice just how messy the whole process can be. In fact, a majority of buyers of the product on Amazon have highlighted this issue. In fact, Ekopel 2K application is not for a perfectionist.
  2. Limited time to work with it – The time it takes to apply this product is one hour. Leaving some in the bucket to apply for later or for touchups can be a big mistake as Ekopel 2K is designed to be set within a short time after exposure to the environment. You may have up to 4 hours for touchups and probably to remove some pet hair falling on the bathtub, but no more.
  3. It is not cheap – The price tag on Ekopel 2K, when compared to ordinary paint, is quite steep. This means you cannot afford to make some mistakes when applying this product, as rectifying them or buying a replacement kit can be quite expensive.
  4. A lot of work and time involved – The one thing you must note about Ekopel 2K is the enormous preparation involved. Preparation involves sanding the bathtub with 320-grit paper and washing it with hot acid and hot water to scrape any old paint and grime. Applying the product takes a short time, but you must babysit the bathtub for hours to ensure it cures perfectly and no particles fall on the paint. Don’t forget the sealing and the taping of surfaces too.
  5. Little room for mistakes – When you apply Ekopel 2K, you should be aware that it sets soon after, and removing it on any surface can be a nightmare. You must read and follow the instructions for the letter. If you fail to mix the two compounds making the Ekopel 2K as instructed, you will likely end up with soft spots on the bathtub that will never dry up.

Why should you use Ekopel 2K?

  • It is durable – It is marketed to last at least 20 years if properly applied and regularly maintained. It easily outlives other types of coats you can apply to your bathtub.
  • Gives exceptional results – You are guaranteed excellent results when you apply this product as instructed. Don’t neglect the prepping phase, which determines how splendid the final result will be.
  • Odorless – During the application of Ekopel 2K and afterward, you will not smell anything funny or choking. The product is harmless to humans and pets and safe for the environment. Even when disposed of, the remnants will solidify and remain so henceforth.
  • There are no streaks and bubbles – This is probably the main advantage of using Ekopel 2K. You won’t see any paint streaks and bubbles after it sets.
  • It can be applied on a wide range of materials – It can be applied on all manner of surfaces, whether cast iron or metal.
  • Frosting and defrosting don’t affect its properties – if you live in a region where temperature extremes are the norm, you can rest easy knowing that Ekopel 2K easily defrosts from a solid state.
  • Value for money – Many people are faced with the dilemma of whether to dispose of their old bathtubs or paint them. When you follow the Ekopel 2K application instructions, you will achieve amazing results, and you will even wonder how you have been living with an ugly-looking bathtub when Ekopel 2K was available all along.


Ekopel 2K is a phenomenal product whose introduction into the market has helped save and embellish many bathrooms. This product helps transform bathtubs, showers, and sinks to a point they look new again. When you take note of the pointers indicated in the article, you will have an easy time applying Ekopel 2K and dealing with any of the problems that many DIYers seem to encounter.