Does Murphy’s Oil Soap Go Bad? And What Can You Use It For?

As you’re looking for a new cleaning product, you stumble upon Murphy’s Oil Soap. After a quick research, you find out that this brand has been around for over a century. Their products all have mostly positive reviews, which only deepens your interest. And before you know it, you want nothing more than to try out this organic cleaner. But is as good as the reviews make it out to be?

In this article, you’ll learn the following Murphy’s Oil Soap:

  • What it is
  • What you can use it for
  • How long it lasts
  • Whether it’s toxic or not

What is Murphy’s Oil Soap?

Murphy Oil Soap is an American company that specializes in cleaning products. They use a unique, natural formula. This sets them apart from their competitors.

Murphy’s Oil Soap is an eco-friendlier alternative to generic soaps. It’s based on potassium vegetable oil and contains no phosphates or other chemicals. The ingredients include water, coconut, and other plant oils, natural fragrance, and 2% synthetic ingredients.

Their soap doesn’t contain any bleach, ammonia, or phosphates, making it a popular biodegradable option.

Another reason why Murphy’s Oil Soap is so popular is its versatility. Though people mainly use it to polish wooden surfaces, it has more applications than that.

What can you use Murphy’s Oil Soap for? 10 uses

Although Murphy’s Oil Soap was designed primarily for maintaining wooden flooring, it has many more uses. This makes it a very versatile product to buy – you can rely on it for most of your cleaning chores. The ratios we describe here are very general – always follow the instructions on your product first.

Here are 10 uses of Murphy’s Oil Soap:

1) You can use it to clean wooden surfaces

This is the most popular use for Murphy’s Oil Soap – you can use it to clean your wooden surface. However, it’s not suitable for every type of flooring.

Do not use Murphy’s Oil Soap for unfinished or unsealed surfaces. The moisture in the soap might lead to mold formation. Even worse, the ingredients in the soap can attack the wood, causing it to lose its natural shine.

This is especially true for hardwood surfaces. The company sells many products, some of which are designed specifically for hardwood floorings. Make sure you buy the proper cleaning product for your surface.

You shouldn’t use it on waxed surfaces either – the natural oils can dissolve it.

Consider using Murphy’s Oil Soap on a small surface area first. Move on to the rest of the surface only once you can see that it’s safe to use.

When cleaning wooden surfaces, you generally want to mix ¼ cup of Murphy’s Oil Soap with 1 gallon of water.

2) You can use it to clean stainless steel surfaces

Although stainless steel is a durable material, it has one big downside – it gets smudged quickly.

Luckily, you can use Murphy’s Oil Soap to polish it. This makes it a great option if you have a stainless-steel fridge, stove, or microwave. In this case, we recommend going with a sponge to achieve the best results.

In this case, you want to mix ½ cup of water with ½ teaspoon of Murphy’s Oil Soap.

3) You can use it to remove carpet stains

Carpet stains can be a nightmare, especially if you have children. Luckily, Murphy’s Oil Soap can clean these stains as well. Just apply it to the stain and let it seep in for up to 30 minutes. Then, simply scrub it clean or use a vacuum cleaner to remove the grime.

4) You can use it to maintain your paintbrushes

If you need to remove dried paint from your paintbrushes, you can soak them in Murphy’s Oil Soap. This will not only dissolve the paint but also soften the bristles. We recommend leaving them in for at least a few days to achieve the best results. Make sure you do this regularly to increase the lifespan of your brushes.

5) You can use it to clean leather furniture

Murphy’s Oil Soap can tackle stains on your leather furniture as well. However, you must use it carefully to avoid damaging the leather.

Add 3 teaspoons of Murphy’s Oil Soap to two cups of warm water. Soak a cloth in the mixture and squeeze the water out. Then, proceed to clean the leather surface. Then, wipe the leather with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.

6) You can use it to remove pencil marks

If your toddler smeared the walls with a crayon again, you’ll be thankful for Murphy’s Oil Soap. To remove them, add ½ teaspoon of the soap to ½ cup of water. Spray it on the area and wipe the marks clean. Repeat as many times as necessary.

7) You can use it to peel away sticky labels

We all keep empty bottles and jars – you never know when they’ll come in handy. However, getting those sticky labels off can be a challenge.

Luckily, you can remove them with Murphy’s Oil Soap. Add a few drops on the label and rub it with a sponge until it comes off. You may have to do this several times. Consider leaving the container soaked in hot water beforehand for best results.

8) You can use it to clean the tiles in your bathroom

You can use Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean ceramic tiles as well. In this case, you want to add 1 teaspoon of the product to a single cup of water. Use a rag or a sponge to clean dirty tiles and let the product sit for up to 15 minutes.

9) You can use it to remove stains from your clothing

Murphy’s Oil Soap can help you remove dirt stains on your clothes. Apply a few drops onto the stain and let it sit there for up to 30 minutes.             Then, wash it out. You may have to rub the soap in for trickier stains.

10) It can act as an insect repellent

Although this may be surprising, you can use Murphy’s Oil Soap as an insect repellent. More specifically, it acts as an ingredient in a natural, homemade insect repellent.

Combine 1 teaspoon of Murphy’s Oil Soap, 1 cup of alcohol, 1 cup of water, and 3 teaspoons of lemon juice. Pour it into a spray bottle and apply it to your plants. This should keep the pests away from them.

Does Murphy’s Oil Soap go bad? Here’s how long it lasts

Murphy’s Oil Soap doesn’t have a fixed expiration date. And while all soaps degrade eventually, this process takes several years. Murphy’s Oil Soap might not last as long since it is a natural product. Still, it should work well for at least one year at the bare minimum. You’re much more likely to use it up before this time, though.

In most cases, you can continue using Murphy’s Oil Soap even after one year. The product should function normally as long as you don’t see any signs of mold or contamination. But keep in mind that it can smell a little – this happens when the soap starts degrading.

As a rule of thumb, you can keep using Murphy’s Oil Soap if it still lathers. Otherwise, it might be time to purchase a new bottle.

You should discard it if you notice a discoloration or foul odor as well.

You can prolong the lifespan of Murphy’s Oil Soap by storing it correctly. Make sure you keep it in a dark room at a cool temperature – heat and direct sunlight can cause break down the essential oils much faster.

Is Murphy’s Oil Soap toxic?

Murphy’s Oil Soap is a much safer alternative to generic soaps. However, it’s still a cleaning product. This means it can still be dangerous if you swallow it or get it in your eye. Prolonged contact can lead to skin irritation as well.

Thus, you should always wear protective gloves when using Murphy’s Oil Soap. If someone in your family drinks it by accident, have that person drink 2 glasses of water and seek medical help. If it gets in your eyes while you’re using it, rinse them with water for at least 15 minutes.

Make sure you store Murphy’s Oil Soap safely. Always keep it in a place that children and pets can’t reach.

Our final thoughts on Murphy’s Oil Soap

Murphy’s Oil Soap is a natural, biodegradable cleaning product. Affordable and versatile, it’s become a go-to soap for many households.

You can use it on many surfaces, including wood, leather, fabric, and even stainless steel. In the case of wood, make sure you use it on finished items. Otherwise, you may end up damaging them.

Apart from cleaning, you can use Murphy’s Oil Soap to create a homemade insect repellent. It’s a much more eco-friendly option compared to chemical pesticides.

Murphy’s Oil Soap should last for at least a year at the bare minimum. However, it can last much longer if you store it properly – simply keep it away from heat and direct sunlight.

While the soap is much safer compared to alternatives, it can still be dangerous if you ingest it or get it in your eyes. Make sure your children and pets can’t reach it to keep them safe.