Maaco $1000 Paint Job – Quality, Reviews, and Some Concerns

We have all heard of Maaco, the company that offers super affordable paint jobs to car owners. But wait a minute. Does Maaco actually offer services worth the money, or is it just a marketing line? There are hundreds of shops and garages where your car can be painted. We look into the Maaco paint and find out why the paint job done by the firm is so popular in North America and whether it is a good deal for the car owner.

Here, we explore the popular Maaco $1,000 paint job. Of course, not every person will troop into Maaco shop just because they heard their car can get an entire body paint job at $1,000. There is the quality of the job to consider, the time it takes to have the job done, and, of course, the reviews of past real customers to consider.

What is Maaco

Maaco is an American business that employs the franchising model. The business deals in automobile painting and collision repair. The business was founded by Anthony A. Martino in 1972. He chose MAACO as the business name and logo, and the initials stand for Martino Anthony A. and Co. The company has grown over the years to over 500 franchise shops spread across North America.

MAACO’s name has grown to become a popular brand of choice for anyone who wishes to paint their vehicle, whether partly or wholly. It is especially a popular pick for car owners whose vehicles have been involved in a collision or are looking to remove scratches or dents. Maaco is a place where entire vehicle body work can be done. In fact, ‘North America’s Bodyshop’ is a trademark name for Maaco.

The Maaco shops are found across the USA and Canada, and almost anyone can qualify to franchise once they satisfy the straightforward conditions set by the company. As for the drivers, you stand to enjoy a long list of services that Maaco shops have to offer. It is worth noting, however, that not all services are available across the shops. You will need to enquire about the services offered in a particular shop.

The paint job services offered at Maaco are quite competitive in terms of price. Little wonder then the ad still reads, ‘Uh oh, better get Maaco.’ Maaco offers a wide range of paint job services, and it is for the client to pick the one they prefer.

Understanding Maaco’s $1,000 paint job

Maaco’s $1,000 paint job is very popular, and many customers have come forward to profess about it. This price tag may not necessarily mean that you will fork out exactly $1,000. The quote can be anything from $900 to $1,300. The services offered under this quote are what make the $1,000 catchphrase trend.

But before we delve into the $1,000 Maaco paint job, it is imperative that you understand what painting a vehicle entails. In addition to this, you must be aware of how the paint market operates. You have to ask yourself or rather research how much other paint shops charge for the similar services you seek from Maaco. This way, you will appreciate the services Maaco purports to offer.

The $1,000 paint job comes with a 5-year warranty, and it includes a base coat and a clear coat. On its own, the $1,000 paint job sounds incredible, but as mentioned earlier, you must be aware of the work involved in this package. This is especially the case if you don’t want to feel short-changed. Prepping the surface will attract an additional $200 and another $200 or more for sanding the vehicle to the bare metal.

What is the quality of the $1,000 paint job from Maaco?

When you visit a Maaco shop, you will be presented with a catalog of various services. Let’s say your car’s fender, passenger door, or rear bumper has a dent or is scratched. Maaco shop assistant will start by mentioning a $200-$400 paint job to restore the said part. In most shops, the Maaco $1,000 paint job involves giving your car a whole body paint job.

If you take your car to most Maaco shops and ask for the $1,000 paint job, the attendant will happily oblige. The shop will give your car a base and a clear coat, and when you come to pick it up after a week or two, you will find a fully glittering painted vehicle. Whether you will be happy or not with the results depends on a few things:

  1. The sanding of the vehicle. This is a service that needs to be done, especially if your vehicle was involved in an accident and has dents. Sanding cost is usually not included in the $1,000 quote.
  2. Was the vehicle prepped before painting? If you happen to buy a used vehicle, you don’t know whether the precious owner ever painted the vehicle before. They may have used filler to cover holes and cracks on the vehicle; such filler may have cracked, and a fresh layer of Polly filler might be necessary to restore the body.
  3. The professionalism at the shop. Of course, a painter must adhere to certain unwritten rules or rather be reasonable in their work. Spraying a car while the car windows are open is an unforgivable crime. We all know the mess such a mistake can cause.
  4. If all these considerations are addressed, you should have no regrets while driving your vehicle out of a Maaco paint shop.

The reviews of the $1,000 paint job at Maaco

The Maaco $1,000 paint job is widely known across the USA and Canada. The experience of different customers varies widely. In general, however, the feedback given by Maaco customers who purchase the $1,000 paint job indicates dissatisfaction.

A majority of customers who give their feedback online are not very enthusiastic about the service they got at Maaco. But at the same time, while some customers have harsh words for Maaco, others say they are generally disappointed with the kind of service Maaco offers for $1,000.

Many clients unhappy with the $1,000 Maaco paint job don’t seem to be aware that Maaco has separate charges for prepping, sanding, waxing, or buffing the vehicle. They, therefore, end up wishing they never took their vehicle to Maaco.

In other instances, the customers are furious because Maaco doesn’t seem to disclose the exact services they are offering vis-a-vis the quoted price. A client will assume a paint job involves a few steps before applying the final coat. The same way when you visit a barber for a shave. The barber won’t jump on you with their shavers without first prepping the machines and wrapping you with a barber shaving gown. The same applies to the vehicle paint job. A painter shouldn’t paint a muddy car. They need to clean it first.

Maybe the low customer rating of the Maaco $1,000 paint job has a lot more to do with miscommunication than poor service. Some car owners are aware of the service Maaco charges and go ahead to prep their vehicle before taking it to Maaco. Maaco will paint the vehicle at $1,000, but they void the 5-year warranty.

What are the main concerns customers have?

Customers have come forward with concerns regarding the Maaco $1,000 paint job. These concerns include the following;

  • The car has an orange peel after the paint job. The orange peels should not be a concern, really. Maaco only paints the vehicle and sends it your way. A professional car detailer can remove the textured feel at a reasonably low price. Cutting and buffing the car solves this issue.
  • Maaco is not being proactive in advising the customer. If your vehicle has dents that require some filler or sanding, a number of customers have shown that Maaco will simply apply paint on top. This means the dents and bends can still be visible after the paint job. Some car owners are of the opinion that the Maaco shop should contact them and notify them of the dent or some extra service they can offer rather than painting over old paint or fault. Many car owners won’t mind paying a few extra dollars if the end result will be much better.
  • Maaco is a volume shop. This means the company tends to lean more vehicle turnover than individual customer satisfaction. In such a work environment, the employees will likely only work on the job described on the job card. This is something a car owner should be aware of, for starters. Ensure you fully understand the paint job to be done or, better still, where you can, apply filler and sand the vehicle before taking it to Maaco.


Maaco is a great place to have your car painted, whether after a collision or if you want to remove a scratch. Though there are a few complaints here and there, the overall job done by Maaco on vehicles is pretty good. Maybe, the one thing car owners should understand about Maaco and vehicle paint jobs, in general, is that you get what you pay for.

It is possible to paint the hood. The hood may end up looking different from the rest of the vehicle. This is because the aftermarket paint can never be exactly the same as the OEM. The paint job requires intense prepping, and this means extra cost. The end result may require buffing too. If you are aware of these things, then you are likely to love the final Maaco $1,000 paint job results.