Endust vs. Pledge for Restoring Surfaces – Which Is Better?

Furniture and other surfaces in the home require routine cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking their best. However, one common issue is deciding which product to use, especially between the two popular ones around – Endust and Pledge. That brings us to the question – Which is better between Endust and Pledge?

Both Endust and Pledge do a great job at cleaning and restoring shine to drab-looking surfaces. However, my verdict on this subject is that Pledge is better because it has a wide range of product offerings. Also, Pledge PH Balance Multisurface Cleaner is more versatile at cleaning various surfaces than Endust Multi-Surface Dusting And Cleaning Spray. 

In the rest of this article, we will venture into a detailed comparison of Pledge and Endust using criteria like their performance, and product offerings. We will also talk about how to use these products and safety tips to follow.

Endust vs. Pledge – Performance Comparison

For the purpose of this performance comparison, we examine how the multipurpose cleaners from both brands compare with one another. Specifically, we will see how Endust Multisurface Dusting And Cleaning Spray stack up against Pledge PH Balance Multisurface Cleaner. To achieve this, we will evaluate their performance on various surfaces like wood, glass, and leather.

Endust Multi-Surface Dusting And Cleaning Spray vs. Pledge PH Balance Multisurface Cleaner – Performance On Wood

Pledge and Endust produce similar results when used on wood surfaces like countertops, tables, chairs, cabinets, and more. They leave the surfaces smooth and shining. However, they are strictly for use on finished and sealed wood surfaces only.

Using them on unsealed wood surfaces risks causing severe damage because they contain chemicals that can penetrate into the wood.

Endust Multi-Surface Dusting And Cleaning Spray vs. Pledge PH Balance Multisurface Cleaner – Performance On Glass

When it comes to cleaning glass surfaces, Pledge does a better job than Endust. The Endust multipurpose cleaner leaves an annoying streak on glass surfaces. On the other hand, Pledge multisurface cleaner will smoothen minor scratches on glass surfaces and make them clean, streak-free, and polished.

And thankfully silicone is not harmful to glass hence, you don’t have to worry about damaging your glass surfaces. You can use Pledge on your glass windows, doors, mirrors, and even eyeglasses. However, it should not be used for drinking glasses.

Endust Multi-Surface Dusting And Cleaning Spray vs. Pledge PH Balance Multisurface Cleaner – Performance On Leather

Both Pledge and Endust multisurface products can be used on sealed leather surfaces like shoes, belts, and furniture. They clean and polish leather surfaces to a smooth finish.

Endust vs. Pledge – Product Offerings

Endust Product Offerings

Endust has a few product offerings which implies that you do not have to buy different products for different surfaces. This brand focuses majorly on general-purpose products that serve as cleaners, moisturizers, and polishes. At the time of writing this article, there are only four product offerings on the company’s website.

Endust Multi-Surface Dusting And Cleaning Spray

This is the most popular in the range of Endust products. It is a multi-surface cleaner that can be used on wood, finished leathers, plastic, car interiors, and stainless steel. It is formulated to remove dust, allergens, and fingerprints while giving surfaces a natural shine.

This multi-surface cleaning spray is available in lemon zest and green apple fragrances.

Endust Plant-based Multi-Surface Dusting And Cleaning Spray

The Multi-surface spray we discussed above is made of harsh chemicals which are harmful to the environment. Hence, in a bid to offer an eco-friendlier alternative, the company produced a plant-based variant of the multi-surface dusting and cleaning spray. The plant-based option does the same job as the regular product and is also safer for the environment.

Endust Hypo-Allergenic Dusting And Cleaning Spray

The hypo-allergenic variant is another improvement on the regular Endust multi-surface dusting and cleaning spray. This product is designed as fragrance-free and to reduce surface and air allergens. Thereby, making it less irritating and more usable by people who are allergic to the strong fragrance of the original product.

Endust Stainless Steel Cleaner

This is Endust’s own specialized cleaner strictly for stainless steel surfaces like kitchen appliances, faucets, sinks, etc. It is effective in getting rid of dirt, smudges, fingerprints, and water stains while giving the surfaces a protective finish.

Pledge Product Offerings

Pledge offers a wider range of product options to choose from. These products offer various solutions and they range from multi-surface cleaners to oils, polishes, and specialized surface cleaners. Here are the Pledge products available on the company’s website at the time of writing this article:

Pledge Enhancing Polish

This product comes in a spray form and is specifically designed to remove dust and fingerprints. It also protects and restores the shine on surfaces without leaving wax buildup. It can be used on wood, wood laminate, quartz, leather, marble, granite, leather, and steel.

The polish is available in orange and lemon variants. It leaves a slippery protective film on surfaces which makes it unsuitable for floors in order to avoid slippage incidents. The enhancing polish also comes in the form of a wet wipe which is branded as Pledge Lemon Enhancing Wipes.

Pledge PH Balance Multi-Surface Cleaner

This product is a gentle and pH-balancing cleaner that is safe for everyday use on multiple surfaces. It can be used on wood, glass, copper, brass, aluminum, steel, plastic, electronics, and leather. It is available in lavender or rainshower variants.

This cleaner is also available in the form of wet wipes and trigger spray which are branded as Pledge PH Balance Multisurface Cleaner Wipes and Pledge PH Balance Multisurface Cleaner Spray respectively.

Pledge Antibacterial Multisurface Cleaner

This product can be used to clean multiple surfaces while killing 99.99% of bacteria. Not only does it make surfaces clean, fresh, and bacteria-free, but it also leaves a sweet citrus fragrance in its wake.

This antibacterial cleaner is effective against Salmonella, Staph, E. Coli, and K. Pneumoniae. It can be used on electronics, granites, glass, wood, steel, and marble.

Pledge Moisturizing Oil

This product is formulated with conditioners and mineral oils to enhance, protect, and restore the appearance of worn-out surfaces. It is formulated with an amber and argan fragrance.

The moisturizing oil can be used on surfaces like leather, sealed wood, and wood laminates to make them look new again. However, it should not be used on floors.

Pledge Dust And Allergen Multi-surface Cleaner

This is another multi-surface cleaner that can be used on wood, non-floor wood laminates, granites, plastic, leather, stainless steel, and marble. It has a lemon fragrance and is formulated to keep dust, dust allergens, and pet dander at bay making your home safer. It is suitable for people who are allergic to dust and it works well to protect surfaces and restore their shine.

Pledge Restoring Oil

This restoring oil is formulated with orange oil and conditioners to nourish and revitalize both sealed and unsealed wood surfaces as well as wood laminates and leathers.

Pledge Stainless Steel Polish

This product is specifically formulated for use on stainless steel surfaces to remove dust, stains, and smudges while keeping them shining at the same time. It can be used on stainless steel surfaces like sinks, rails, refrigerators, trash cans, and utensils. Pledge stainless steel polish leaves a fruity lemon scent that makes surfaces smell fresh.

Pledge Granite And Marble Polish

As the name implies, this polish is formulated for use on sealed stone surfaces like granite, marble, and quartz to keep them clean, smooth, and streak-free. It leaves a pleasant orange fragrance on surfaces it is applied on.

How To Use Endust And Pledge

The mode of application of both Endust and Pledge are similar. Here is how to use them:

For Floors

Products that are suitable for use on floors can be used as mopping aids. Here is how to use them:

  • Shake the product’s container before use.
  • Spray products judiciously on floors.
  • Wipe the floor with the mop until it is clean.

For products that might leave a slippery residue, you can use another mop or dry cloth to get rid of them.
For Other Surfaces

  • Shake the product’s container before use.
  • Spray products on surfaces from about 7 inches away.
  • Wipe the surface using a dry and clean microfiber cloth.


  • Shake the product’s container before use.
  • Spray products on a microfiber cloth.
  • Wipe the surface with the wet cloth in circular and even motions.

Safety And Precautions

Both Pledge and Endust products should be used on polished and sealed surfaces. These products contain chemicals that can penetrate into unsealed surfaces like wood and cause damages that can be costly to fix. Only Pledge Restoring Oil is safe to use on unsealed wood surfaces.

  • Products should be used in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not puncture the product’s container.
  • Products should be kept away from children.
  • They should be kept in a cool dry place.
  • Unplug electronics from power sources before using these products on them.
  • Test an inconspicuous area before using the product on the entire surface.
  • If products are swallowed accidentally, don’t induce vomiting instead contact a physician immediately.
  • If products accidentally come in contact with the skin, wash it properly with soap and water.
  • If products accidentally come in contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.