Can You Use The Pink Stuff on Walls? Things to Consider

The Pink Stuff paste comes up every time you search for a stain remover online. The product has thousands of positive reviews from buyers who have successfully used it to clear stains. Homeowners love it for its versatility and effectiveness.

The noise around it may tempt you to apply it on any stained surface, including your walls. However, a wrong move on your painted walls means spending money on cans of paint and finish to correct your mistake.

Before you make the bold move, let us review the Pink Stuff paste for you and advise you on the necessary considerations before applying it on walls.

The Best Uses of the Pink Stuff

The manufacturer’s manual is the best place to look for accurate information on any new product. Previous buyers can also recommend alternative uses of a product, including the Pink stuff.

Let us consider the manufacturer’s recommended uses before discussing the suitability of the Pink Stuff on walls. The manufacturer calls it the “miracle cleaning paste” and recommends it for removing tough stains on cooker tops, sinks, and saucepans.

The instructions on the box also allow you to use the paste on ceramic tiles, uPVC, showers, boats, glass, paintwork, rust, brass, and garden furniture. In short, the paste is safe for most surfaces in a standard home.

The supplier recommends applying a small portion of the mild abrasive paste on the stained surface with a sponge or soft cloth. Rinse the surface with hot water after scrubbing all the dirt.

Can You Use the Pink Stuff Paste on Walls?

The manufacturer provides a long list of surfaces that you can scrub with the Pink Stuff paste. In fact, the claim on the box is that the list is endless, implying that you can use it on walls.

Online reviews, especially from moms, reveal that the stuff works on painted walls. It removes crayon stains perfectly without interfering with the paintwork. Some homeowners have also tried it on bathroom walls and loved the results.

Considerations to Make Before Using the Pink Stuff on Walls

Here are the top factors to consider when using the cleaner or paste on any wall.

1. Too much of the paste is annoying to rinse

Let us start with the basics. The manufacturer recommends that you apply the paste sparingly with a piece of cloth. Many homeowners who ignored this simple instruction regretted it.

The Pink Stuff is challenging to rinse off when used in excess. It is different from your regular dish detergent or laundry soap. After scrubbing the stain on your walls, your best solution is to wipe it off instead of pouring water.

Remember, walls have decorative pieces. In addition, you do not want to splash buckets of water on your walls or drag the horse pipe in because of simple stains. Damp the sponge or cloth with a little paste to test it on the surface before increasing the amount.

2. Hot water use

The manufacturer recommends hot water for rinsing off the paste. The instruction may hinder you from using the stuff on a wall, depending on the stain location. The recommendation is practical when scrubbing your bathroom walls or ceramic tiles in the kitchen.

It is easy to run the hot water pipe after scrubbing. However, rinsing a large wall in the living area with hot water is an uphill task. You may need to remove all the furniture in the room to avoid damage.

However, a small section on any wall is easy to clean and rinse. You can dip a clean sponge or cloth in hot water and wipe the dirty section without splashing water. In this case, you must be extra careful with the amount of paste used in each spot.

Some buyers have reported good results after rinsing with cold water. Try wiping with room temperature water if the spot or wall prevents you from using hot water.

3. The paste is abrasive

The Pink Stuff paste is slightly abrasive. The instructions on the package warn users about this property. We understand the frustration with stubborn stains on conspicuous walls. However, caution is advised to avoid scratches.

Pick a soft cloth or sponge for the job and apply minimal pressure when working through the stains. The paste will cut through the stains instantly without your excessive efforts. In addition, you can allow the paste to rest for a few minutes before scrubbing stubborn stains.

4. Potential damage on specified surfaces

Another warning that comes with the paste is the risk of damaging glass, ceramic hobs, and highly polished steel surfaces. If you have a part of your walls in these materials, consider testing the paste on a small area first before cleaning the wall.

Pick a hidden spot and apply a little of the Pink Stuff. Scrub gently and wipe it off with hot water as recommended. Check the results after some minutes. Discontinue the process if you notice bleaching, scratching, or discoloration on the spot.

Luckily, the cleaner has multiple uses. You can use it on other surfaces if it does not work well on your walls. The Pin Stuff brand has a specific cleaner for glass surfaces and windows. We recommend that option for glass walls. The results are equally amazing.

We also discourage buyers from using the Pink Stuff on wooden surfaces. Order a stain remover for wooden surfaces for the best results.

5. The paste has a perfume-like smell

Are you sensitive to smells? If yes, this pointer is for you or a loved one with the same sensitivity. The Pink Stuff cleaner has a perfume-like smell. The paste will irritate you for some time if you are sensitive or allergic to smells.

The consideration is important if you have many stains to remove or if you are buying the stuff for regular use. Test it outdoors first and check your reaction to the smell. You can also tell your body’s reaction when opening the can.

Replace the cleaner or paste if the smell is overwhelming. However, the paste is a delight if you have no allergies or sensitivity to perfumes. The room will have a pleasant smell after cleaning.

6. Use on cold surfaces

The instruction sounds obvious, but it is worth mentioning. The supplier advises users to avoid using the paste on hot surfaces. This consideration comes to play when cleaning a kitchen counter, cooker top, or bathroom walls.

You also need to consider temperatures when using it on outdoor walls in hot weather. Clean the surface early in the morning during a hot season or late in the evening.

7. Dilute with water first for painted walls

We are trying to save your walls from damage while removing tough stains. Painted walls require extra caution unless you have a budget to repaint after removing stains.

Homeowners that have used the stuff safely on painted walls recommend you dilute the paste first. Test the diluted paste on a hidden surface before cleaning the wall. In addition, avoid excessive pressure to preserve the paint.

Alternative Ways to Use the Pink Stuff

You do not clean your walls every day unless your toddlers are aggressive with the crayons on the walls. You need just a little of the paste to touch up the walls occasionally. What do you do with the rest of it?

1. Shine the shower and kitchen tiles

The Pink Stuff is perfect to clear the soap build-up on your kitchen and bathroom tiles. You can also use it on the grout and bathtub. Apply the paste with a cloth or brush and allow it to sit for about 30 minutes. Rinse the tiles with warm or hot water.

2. Clean the kitchen sink and drain

A shiny sink gives the kitchen a different look. Remove any food residues on the sink before scrubbing with the paste. You will love the results on the sink and drain, especially after washing greasy dishes.

3. Wipe the countertops and stovetops

Greasy and dirty tops are repulsive, not to mention the foul smell that builds from burnt food. A small scoop of the Pink Stuff paste will leave the countertops and stove looking new.

4. Clean the oven interiors

Baking is fun, but cleaning the greasy chicken residue is not. The miracle cleaner makes your work easy. Use a soft sponge to apply the paste and let it sit for a few minutes.

Use a clean cloth and warm water to rinse the interiors. You will need an extra cloth to dry the oven.

5. Wash your car or boat

The Pink Stuff cleaner and paste are safe to use on metallic surfaces like car and boat exteriors. You can also apply the paste on metal wheels for a fresh shine. A cold-water rinse is enough for a car or boat wash.


The uses of the Pink Stuff paste are endless. The stuff is safe to use on walls if you follow the instructions keenly, especially for painted walls. The manufacturers recommend you scrub the surface with a small amount of miracle cleaner with a soft cloth or cleaner.

You need warm or hot water to rinse the surface. The paste is mildly abrasive. Test it on a small hidden part of the wall before cleaning a large surface. You can use the remaining paste on multiple surfaces in your kitchen, bathrooms, and outdoors.